The Process

We receive frequent inquiries from family and friends as to where we are in the process of bringing Michael home.  Because the international adoption process is quite lengthy—involving literally hundreds of steps—it is fairly difficult to explain in a brief conversation or email what has been accomplished and what steps remain in the process. However, the list below provides a fairly good map of the major milestones in the process and gives some idea of how close we are to bringing Michael home…

Major Milestones in the U.S.—China International Adoption Process:
  1. Application to Home Study Agency
  2. Home Study completed
  3. Application to Adoption Agency
  4. Application reviewed/approved
  5. Home Study reviewed/approved by adoption agency
  6. Submit Pre-approval documents (including Letter of Intent) to CCCWA (China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption)
  7. Receive Pre-approval from CCCWA
  8. Submit I-800A application to USCIS-NBC
  9. Receive biometrics appointment
  10. Receive I-800A approval
  11. Dossier to Country
  12. Receive Log-in Date
  13. Receive Letter of Acceptance from CCCWA
  14. Submit I-800 to USCIS-NBC
  15. I-800 Provisional Approval cabled to US Consulate in Guangzhou
  16. US Consulate signs Article 5
  17. CCCWA issues Travel Approval
  18. Adoption agency makes Consulate appointments
  19. Travel/Placement