Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ready or we come!

After waiting for a year to finally be able to travel to bring home Michael, we left on Friday, June 1st. The special thing about that date was that it was Children’s Day in China, a day where children are celebrated much like mothers are celebrated on Mother’s Day. The trip was extremely long, but went very smoothly and we arrived in Hangzhou about 36 hours after our take off in Salt Lake…and we actually arrived with all of our luggage! It is nice to be back in China. There is a small part of me that feels like I am “home” when I am here. I suppose that I feel that way because our two precious sons are from here. It is a wonderful country with delightful people. The only problem is that it is so far away from our children in Utah! We were able to Skype with
the kids and that made us feel a little closer to them. Tomorrow we will travel to the Civil Affairs building where we will be reunited with our sweet Michael! We are so excited that I doubt that we will be able to sleep tonight, even if we are COMPLETLEY sleep deprived! We just can’t believe that we are actually here and just a few miles away from Michael!

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