Monday, June 11, 2012

Not My Idea Of A Comfortable Pillow

After Michael’s medical exam on Saturday, we went to the Shamian Island where the White Swan Hotel is located, to visit our friends in the little storefronts. There is a small community of store owners there and we became friends with them last year. Unfortunately, the White Swan’s closure for renovation has taken a huge toll on the store owners and many have had to close. It was fun to see our friends again and I even got to have a music lesson from the man that I purchased a Calabash (a Chinese flute-like instrument) from last year.

Sunday was a very needed “down day” at the hotel. It was good for both Michael and us.

This morning we returned to the medical clinic to have Michael’s TB test read. Gratefully it was negative, which means that everything is on track for tomorrow’s Consulate appointment. The medical staff will prepare a report and submit it to the Consulate tomorrow morning.

After the medical clinic, we went to the Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King, Zhao Mo from the Han Dynasty (~122 B.C.). The tomb was discovered in 1983. The tomb itself is still intact and you can walk down into it. Many of the burial relics are preserved in the museum, as well as a collection of 2000 pillows from the time period that were made from ceramics. Apparently, pillows in China used to be from hard ceramic or stone squares. I can't imagine how the people from that period didn't wake up each morning with headaches!

On top of the museum, military men were practicing their martial art combat moves on each other. Michael was completely fascinated and we had a very difficult time convincing him that it was time to leave. One thing for sure…I NEVER want to upset a member of the Chinese military!

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