Monday, June 20, 2011

The Chinese Legend of 100 Children

The Chinese Legend of 100 ChildrenWhile we were in China we found beautiful silk wall hangings that have 99 embroidered children on them. I was taught that these wall hangings depict not only the life of Chinese children but also the Chinese legend of 100 children. In the wall hanging, there are 99 individual children, but together they are “one.” The legend of 100 Children brings good luck as 100 is considered a lucky number and represents bounty and abundance.

I will never be able to have 99 children in my lifetime (although that sounds crazy fun), but I still believe in the Chinese legend. Those who are blessed to have children truly have “good luck.” No matter the number, a home with children has both “bounty and abundance” (and no, I am not talking about laundry.)

I love the idea that a family is made up of individual members but that together they are “one.” I have experienced that over and over in my life in both the family that I grew up in and the family that fills my home now. Even when all of the nine members of our family our in different places or doing different things, we all are “one” in our desire and goal to be an eternal and forever family. I can’t think of anything more “lucky.”