Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Mary Kay Give-Away!!

Have you ever met a person that you instantly knew was extraordinary and that you would be blessed just for knowing them?  I met a person just like this last month at the Buddy Walk.  While walking through the booths we discovered the Reece’s Rainbow booth (a ministry that advocates for the adoption of children with Down Syndrome).  Both of our sons, Jacob and now Michael, have been listed on the Reece’s Rainbow site.  While at the booth we met a family who had adopted their little girl, Anya, from Eastern Europe.   We told Heather, Anya’s mother, that we had been awarded a matching grant for Michael’s adoption but were intimidated by the necessary fundraising.  Heather is very knowledgeable in this area and told us that she would help us.  She has been more than true to her word.  Recently, she decided on her own to hold a give-away in our behalf to help with our fundraising efforts.  Entries for her give-away can be earned by sharing a link to our blog on FaceBook, sharing a link to our blog on your blog, and/or donating any amount to our adoption fund.  Please visit her blog at http://fillmoresjourneytoanna.blogspot.com/2011/10/grovers.html and help Heather help us!  Thank you Heather for being such an extraordinary woman!


  1. I don't know if I'm deserving of your description at all, but thank you, and everyone please DONATE and SPREAD THE WORD!!!

  2. Just found out about your story from Heather's blog. What a beautiful story! We pray for the financial blessings to just flow in so that you can receive your grant. In the word it tells us to care for the orphans and widows. Our family is not in the position to adopt but we are able to help others with raising the funds to go and rescue their little one. We have donated and we pray more will.

  3. "Anonymous"...thank you so much! You are such a blessing to our family!

  4. I was so touched by your story and hope that others step up and help out because what you are doing is so important! If I could make up the difference of what you need, I would but we should be traveling ourselves either next month or Jan. Still, I am donating the little bit that we can because I want you to know that we support you and that we care.
    Sending our prayers as well,

  5. Cynthia-Thank you so much for your support and donation! It means so much...especially when you are going through all of this too! We pray that things go smoothly with your adoption!