Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthday and Article 5!

Many things have happened since our last post…including a NASTY computer virus that caused me to be without a computer for several weeks. The first event took place on April 7th. Our little Michael turned 8 years old. I wish that I could tell you that it was a happy celebration in our home, we tried to make it happy… but it just wasn’t. There were many tears as we sang “Happy Birthday” to his little picture and blew out his birthday candles on the cake. I was completely unaware, eight years ago, that clear on the other side of the world one of my precious sons had entered this life. I think the hardest part of Michael’s birthday this year was knowing that HE was completely unaware that he had eight people in Lehi, Utah who were celebrating his birth….celebrating that this extraordinary little boy had come to earth and was going to be part of their forever family. I can’t tell you how badly I wish that I had been there at Michael’s birth. I think of that often with not only him, but also with Jacob and Lauren. How much I would have loved to be there to hold them as newborns. I wish that I could have fed them, bathed them, been there for their first smile, first tooth, first step. That is the difficult part. So, we were absolutely devastated that we missed another of Michael’s birthdays but we anxiously look forward to his 9th birthday when we can celebrate his life TOGETHER!!

The second thing that has happened since our last post was that the Consulate issued our Article 5 on April 24th! It is now at the offices of the CCCWA and we are awaiting travel approval. We anticipate that this will be issued by mid May. This step is #16 on our Process List. I love checklists! They allow me to see progress! And the progress on this checklist is making me one happy mom!!


  1. We are looking forward to meeting your little boy soon. So happy that you can mark another item off that list.

  2. Happy Birthday Michael! I meant to ask you last night how things were going. So glad that they're progressing! He won't have another birthday without his mama!! yay!

  3. You guys seriously could not be any cuter! I LOVE how excited all your children are to celebrate Michael! You are raising fantastic little beings! They are all extraordinary! As are you! So glad you are almost done with that checklist and will soon be holding your Michael. We love you guys!