Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Here!

IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! This morning we got a phone call from our adoption agency to tell us that our LOA had just arrived from China! We had been so anxious all weekend. I had emailed our agency last week to ask if they knew why our LOA was so delayed (it had taken twice as long as Jacob’s did). They told us that hopefully it was already on its way because the CCCWA offices were closing for the long Chinese New Year celebration. If it wasn’t already on its way, we wouldn’t receive it until the end of February. So I was SOOOOO excited when the phone rang this morning!

When we were finally able to get all the children home together this evening, we told them that we had gotten a phone call from the adoption agency and that we “would not be receiving the LOA tomorrow…..BECAUSE WE ALREADY RECEIVED IT TODAY!!!” There was so much screaming and even tears. I guess these brothers and sisters are anxious to get their brother home!

Now we will submit our I-800 to our government and once that approval has been cabled to the Consulate in China, we will be issued our Travel Approval. If you are following our process checklist, we just completed #13 and will have #14 completed by Thursday of this week. Thank you for all of your prayers in our behalf!

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  1. So happy for your family and we can't wait to meet this special little boy.