Saturday, September 10, 2011

Buddy Walk

Buddy TrainToday was such a wonderful day! We got to spend the day at the Utah State-wide Buddy Walk as a family! It was so beautiful to be with so many special people and their families. The event included a performance by Rachel Coleman, the creator of “Signing Times.” Since Jacob is a HUGE “Signing Time” fan, he thought that this was amazing! Hopkins the frog even came! After the “Singing Times” performance we went on a walk with all of the individuals with Trisomy 21 and their families. Poster on Buddy WalkPosted throughout the walk were posters that gave facts about Trisomy 21. A fabulous lunch, provided by Red Robin followed the walk as well as fun activities, booths and even a train for the kids to ride. Jacob had such a good time and we plan on making the Buddy Walk an annual tradition for our family!
Signing Time

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